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Nous définissons comme produit n’importe quelle chose qui puisse être offerte à un marché et qui puisse satisfaire un besoin ...

Marketing Product Product development
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Chaque année, rien qu’aux Etats-Unis, ce sont 20 000 produits qui sont ajoutés sur les étagères des magasins dans autant ...

Innovation Product development

One of my favorite questions when I teach Innovation is to ask participants how long it took for Nestlé to succeed with their Nespresso coffee machine.

So what’s your answer?

One year? Five year?

Well no. The answer is 21 years.

Based on a technology licensed from the Battelle Institute by Nestlé in… 1974, Nespresso only became profitable in 1995 after much ups and downs. 21 years were needed to make a success of the Nespresso innovation.

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