Partnerships with publishers

Bluesophy is a digital content distribution platform for short form non-fiction materials. Discover how we can help you to reach a broader audience.

What is Bluesophy?

Bluesophy is a smartphone application which enables continous learning - in a casual way. We provide our users different types of fragmented content (articles, book extracts, case studies...) for them to grow their understanding on their specific fields of interest, in exchange of a small fee - from 0.09€ to 0.99€ or by subscribing for an unlimited access to bluesophy. You can think about us as the iTunes of Spotify of learning.

Our value proposition is clear:

Premium content elaborated in collaboration with publishing companies and field experts,
Mobile-first, on-the-go experience,
Micropayments and subscriptions,
A comprehensive, searchable database of business knowledge.

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How can we collaborate?

You are a subject-matter expert. Thousands of people, whether in your country or around the globe could learn from you.

You might have in your product portfolio a wide range of publications such as collaborative books, essays or articles that could be of an interest to Bluesophy readers. When you choose to distribute content on our platform, you open up yourself a new revenue stream which complements offline sales and full-length digital books such as ePubs or Mobi. We select together the materials that would be suitable for a short form release (in the range of 500 - 5000 words), and upload them in our secured database. They are now available to our our community.

We share revenue of cumulative sales for a given period (monthly or quarterly).

About us

We are a Paris-based startup currently finalizing our technology and establishing key partnerships with publishing outlets. We plan to officially launch early 2018.

Our ambition is to address the new content-consumption behaviors of millions of readers across the world. Of course, many readers still enjoy their favorites novel cover to cover; but a growing number of people tend to switch to new formats. More interactive. More mobile.

There are numerous non-fiction materials. For Bluesophy, our job consist in tackling this huge job our transposing this knowledge onto new formats, make it accessible on new devices, enriching along the way the user experience. With you.


Feel free to engage in the conversation with us by sending an email at laurent@bluesophy.com, we will revert in 24 hours.